Academic Performance


‧2019 Asia-Pacific Forum for Science Talented(2019.7.7-11)
‧2019 Annual Convention of Chinese Association of Gifted Education(2019.5.25)
‧2019 International Research Association for Talent Development and Excellence (IRATDE)(2019.4.12-16)
‧2018 Asia Pacific Forum for Persons with Disability(2018.11.9-12)
‧2018 Asia-Pacific Forum for Science Talented(2018.7.11-16)
‧2018 International Symposium on Thinking Skills and Talent Development (2018.4.8)
‧2017 International Conference on Innovative Education and Instruction in Rural and Remote Schools(2017.10.19-21)
‧2017 Asia-Pacific Forum for Science Talented(2017.7.1-6)
‧2016 Conference on Special Education(2016.11.12)
‧2016 Asia-Pacific Forum for Science Talented(2016.7.9-24)
‧2016 The First Asia Pacific International Conference on Positive Behavior Support(2016.6.23-26)
‧2015 Speical Education Forum of NTNU & Partner Universities(2015.4.27-28)
‧2015 East Asia Joint Symposium on Reading and Spelling(2015.3.7-9)
‧2014 Conference on Special Education(2014.11.22)
‧2014 International Symposium on Autism Spectrum Disorders (2014.3.22-23)
‧2014 International Conference on World Autism Awareness Day conference
‧2013 Conference on Special Education(2013.12.7)
‧2012 Symposium on Gifted and Talented Education at Universities(2012.10.26)
‧2011Special Education Exhibition Cerebrating 100 Years of the Republic of China:Practice and Prospects of Action Plans for Gifted Education(2011.12.9-10)
‧2011 Taiwan-Japan Symposium on Academic Exchange of Special Education (2011.2.14)
‧2011The 35th International Academy for Research in Learning Disabilities Annual Conference(2011.1.14-15)
‧2011International Conference of Learning Disabilities in Chinese(2011.1.14-15)
‧2009 Conference on Special Education
‧2008 Conference on Special Education
‧The 18th Asian Conference on Mental Retardation
‧2007 Conference on Special Education
‧The 9th Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness
‧2006 Conference on Special Education
‧2005 Conference on Special Education: Special Education Transformation
‧2004 Conference on Special Education
‧2003 Conference on Special Education
‧The 8th Asia Pacific Congress on Deafness
‧2001 Symposuim on Mathemtic Learning Difficulties
‧1999 International Conference of Special Education on Emotional or Behavioral Disorders
‧1998 Education Conference on Disabilities
‧1997 Cross-Strait Conference on Special Education
‧1996 Conference on Special Education