111 “Department of Special Education and Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Counseling” Characteristic Development Postgraduate Scholarship application

 申請時間: 111111()中午12:00送楊如譽助教

Application time: November 1, 2022 (Tuesday) before 12:00 pm. Please submit the application form to the department office assistant Ju-Yu, Yang.



1.     申請對象:為本國籍、僑生或外籍生之全職碩士班或博士班研究生,申請獎學金之當學期無專任工作者。

2.     獎助金額、獎勵人數及獎勵對象依據該學期獎助學金分配金額制定,經本系所務會議議決後辦理。

1. Applicants: Full-time graduate students of the nationality, overseas Chinese or foreign students in the master’s program or doctoral program, who is not full-time worker in the semester applying for the scholarship.
2. The award amount, number of awards, and award objects are determined based on the allocation of scholarships during the semester, and they will be processed after the department’s executive meeting.


Please refer to the attached file for the application form.


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