Scholarships Announcement Application for Outstanding Doctoral and Graduate Students (Before October 11th)


The quota is allocated according to the number of students in each class
1.特教博士班:1名 doctoral class:1
2.特教碩士班:2名 master class:2
3.特教碩專暑期班:2名 summer class:2
4.復諮碩士班:1名 GIRC:1

The deadline for application is October 11th

申請方式:線上申請 (系統位置:本校校務行政系統\學務相關系統\獎學金系統學生端)

How to apply: online (NTNU Information Portal\Student Affairs Related System\Scholarships application system for students)


Materials to be submit: Information proves that students have the potential to engage in academic research, or other outstanding performance materials (have participated in project research, published papers in academic seminars, or participated in art performances in journals with censorship systems, etc.). Please upload the information to the application system at the time of application. Additional supplements are not accepted.


Please refer to the attached files for other regulations.